​Mara Gordon

Founder – Aunt Zelda’s, Inc. and Calla Spring Wellness; Director – Zelda Therapeutics


David (Dedi) Meiri, PhD​​

A/Prof, Faculty of Biology – Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Chris Nasr

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer and Business Developer – LeafCann

Sergio Pagliazzi

Founder and Director – UTT BioPharma

Elisabetta Faenza

Co-founder, Chief Strategic Officer and Spokesperson – LeafCann

Leah Bisiani, RN.1, MHlthSc

Dementia Consultant – Uplifting Dementia

Dr Jordyn Stuart

Analytical Chemist and Postdoctoral Research Associate – The Lambert Initiative

Dr Teresa Nicoletti

Partner – Mills Oakley

Tom Forrest​

Co-founder – Indicated Technologies

Dr Danial Schecter

Chief Medical Adviser – AusCann 

Executive Director and Co-Founder – Cannabinoid Medical Clinic

Elaine Darby

Managing Director – AusCann

Dr Kathryn Mumford

Senior Lecturer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – The University of Melbourne

Justin Sinclair, M.HerbMed, BHSc (Nat)​

Principal Consultant & Director – TMC Pty Ltd.

The Cann10 Medicinal Cannabis Leadership Program is delivered by world experts in medicinal cannabis. These are some of the exceptional contributors to the Program. This list is subject to ongoing additions and alterations.

Abdul Rehman Mohammad​

Director of Research and Regulatory Affairs – UTT BioPharma

Dr Scott Smid​

Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Pharmacology – The University of Adelaide

Dr Katrina Green

Medical & Health Sciences Lecturer, School of Medicine – University of Wollongong

Cameron MacDonald Stuart

Director, Medicabis

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