Cameron McDonald-Stuart has been operating in Medicinal Cannabis space in both Australia and the US over the last four years.

McDonald-Stuart was the founding COO and CTO of Cann Operations, prior to the company being awarded the first Australian medicinal cannabis license. 


Following his time at Cann Operations, he created the consulting and technology company medicabis, representing US-based technology companies serving solutions for Governments and Cannabis Cultivators. 
This includes the industry-leading Cannabis Track and Trace solution, BioTrackTHC, for Governments and license holder regulatory compliance.  Grownetics is an innovative solution for machine-learning Cannabis Controlled Environment Agriculture for AI automation of cannabis greenhouse installations. 
He also consults as a subject matter expert to a number of overseas consulting groups advising analysts on the Australian market.

McDonald-Stuart is currently focussed on projects in the North American cannabis market.

Cameron MacDonald Stuart – Director, Medicabis

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