Australia's First Medicinal Cannabis Leadership Program
Mar 10, 2018, 8:30 AM
Western Sydney University Sydney
Clinical, Agricultural and Commercial Entrepreneurship



Professor Jon Watson 

Dean, School of Medicine Faculty of Health, Deakin University

"It is with great satisfaction that I am able to endorse Cann10’s unique approach that takes in basic biomedical science, agriculture and cultivation, and also entrepreneurship. This is very unusual but also fit for purpose."

The Cann10 Medicinal Cannabis Leadership Program is Australia’s first training program in the field of medicinal cannabis.

The program provides a comprehensive approach to cannabis education including historical, cultural, legal/regulatory, commercial, chemical and agricultural aspects. It is delivered by an array of world-class professionals and has been designed so that participants can have personal access to their expertise. As a result, the number of participants in this program is limited. Graduates of this program will acquire an in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as practical tools to help build their commercial and scientific projects.

The Cann10 Medicinal Cannabis Leadership Program is delivered in partnership with DeakinCo.

Margie Baldock

Founder Cannex Pharma 

“The end of global prohibition on medicinal cannabis represents one of the biggest opportunities to disrupt the disease-industrial complex in favour of wellness.  The pioneers who bring about this wellness revolution will no doubt make a small fortune in return for their contribution to the enhanced health of humanity.  


If you have any interest in the health benefits of medicinal cannabis (as a patient or medical practiioner) or you wish to be involved commercially (whether that be as a researcher, grower, manufacturer, consultant etc) with this astonishing ‘green boom’ then I highly recommend you attend the Cann10 Leadership program.  


As a graduate, I would describe the program as essential immersion in all aspects that you are likely to need to kick-start a career in the cannabis industry.   The presenters are genuine leaders in the field and they share their knowledge generously.  The networking opportunities at the weekends also ensure that you can access any part of the supply chain you are interested in.  


The Cann10 management team also take an active interest in the participants and go out of their way to share their global networks to assist in achieving the vision of their varied participants. 


I cannot recommend this program more highly if you are serious about cannabis.”

The March 2018 Medicinal Cannabis Leadership Program is proudly sponsored by LeafCann

Medicinal cannabis – by world experts

The industry’s most reputable leaders

A/Prof, Faculty of Biology – Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Dementia Consultant – Uplifting Dementia

Founder – Aunt Zelda’s, Inc. and Calla Spring Wellness; Director – Zelda Therapeutics

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